Sunday, June 17, 2012

Preparing for ISTE

It is that time of year again. I had some great ideas to share and applied in September to present this June at ISTE12. I love the conference and I love being able to contribute. My challenge is that I have learned so much since September that what I planned to present needs to be redeveloped. I am doing a session on "empower students oral, reading and writing fluency with apps.". I planned to highlight 10 apps; however the 10 I was thinking of need to change and even the idea of 10 specific apps is now odd to me. One example is that I believe using the right tool at the right time and I believe students should be writers with blogs. When I blog, the iPad is not my choice (first) to type. I am purposefully blogging this post on my iPad to reinforce for myself that it can be a valuable tool to blog (especially when other tools aren't available; the iPad becomes the appropriate tool) When the iPad is capable of so much more, should we Waste valuable access with just typing tasks?

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