Wednesday, June 13, 2012

iPad Experiment - A Learned Mistake

I entered February bright eyed and ready to tackle doing everything on the iPad.  Very soon I realized it was not the right tool for everything.  I do still use my iPad almost daily; however, not for everything.

The iPad has many great features:
- Creativity
- Communication
- Easy
- Convenient

The laptop is better (for many features of my daily life)
- Management of large amounts of email
- Management of large amounts of text document creation
- 'I know how to do everything' - (when I get overwhelmed - I revert to the comfort tool.)

I do believe that in a classroom and as a learning tool, I could use the iPad for everything.  I also believe that the traditional essay is dead and should be dead.  Does this have the same impact as a 5 page essay.  Which took longer to 'write?'  Which is more meaningful?

I also believe that the iPad is less about being a productivity tool and more about learning.  For me and for now, I will keep both the iPad and MacBook.

So can I use only the iPad?  Yes.  Can I do what I do now with only the iPad? No.  Somethings I should change what / how I do them.  Somethings I should use the most appropriate tool.

I was wrong to think the iPad could do it all for me in my current position at my current level of productivity.

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